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Infinity Pool

Immerse yourself in the hotel’s infinity pool and experience the majestic view and the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. The scenery is almost surreal, giving you the ultimate impression of relaxing and tranquility and a marvelous sight as it merges with the vast Aegean Sea creating an endless, peaceful blue image. This 70m2 pool is filled with ionized water reducing the amount of chlorine required.

Private Beach

This ”secret beach” is cloistered and will give a real sense of isolation. A nice, relaxing swim away from the crowds in a notable setting is granted here. There is a zigzag corridor to descend to the beach area. There are sunbeds with umbrellas and tables. The scenery from the sea is mind-blowing. The blue colours of the water contrast with the red of the impressive cliffs, which then turn to brown and green for the vegetation and finally, the scenery of mount Olympus.

BBQ with sitting area

You can either organize a barbecue with your family and friends with fresh local meat or fish from the village’s excellent shops or let our team of carefully selected private chefs suit any taste, ensuring the highest quality meals for your stay. The chef will work with you to plan the menus, taking into account any special dietary requirements. The chefs will cook anything that you specifically request or they can offer their own menus for you to choose from.

Shisha Lounge

Villa OMNIA features an ample seating, while the lower deck offers a more intimate setting with a fire pit and lounge seating. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset – after all, there’s arguably nothing better than relaxing outdoors on a cool summer night.

Air Deck

The views from our deck are absolutely heart-stopping to the Aegean sea below and out to the horizon. While not for those who might have issues with fear of heights – to walk out on this balcony must feel like floating on air. This spectacular observation point is a very pleasing structure even without the view with its stark and modern lines.
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