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A wide range of exclusive personalized treatments

Deluxe restorative services and state of the art massage services

that will make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible

OMNIA massage
Our signature massage using a mixture of gentle to firm techniques combining stress-releasing strokes boosts and restores in absolute comfort. While enjoying this harmonizing experience, you will receive marma pressure points on the face to promote vitality and nourishing scalp treatment to promote peace.
60 – 80 MINUTES
EUR 120-150

Detox massage
This light pressure massage with gentle drainage techniques stimulates your lymphatic system to detoxify body and mind, restore and rebalance energy. A facial drainage completes the 80-minute treatment to reduce water retention and create harmony.
60 – 80 MINUTES
EUR 120-150

Ciblé massage
Ciblé in French means targeted. This tailor-made massage focuses on the concerned part of your body.
EUR 80

Our Concept

With its magnificent high aesthetics, up-to-date facilities and absolutely unforgettable views, Villa OMNIA grant the ultimate comfort and privacy, incomparable hospitality and a dreamy experience for its guests. Structured as a private resort, it exceeds all expectations for a fabulous summer or even 4 seasons experience.
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